Being a sweet boy in a dress is what this sexy transvestite is ALL about! Cross-dressing fun when a hot slut turns out to be a beautiful ultra-feminine boy, who's horny as hell and ass hungry for COCK!
"I started cross-dressing at a young age. I used to love to dress up as a pretty little girl and seduce all the boys on the football team. They might have been "studs" and "jocks" to their friends, but alone with me they loved to run their hands up my skirt, slip them into my panties and take out my cock. It was pretty hot! Of course they NEVER told their friends they had a sexy transvestite girlfriend, but they sure loved to FUCK me as hard as any prissy little cheerleader.."
sexy transvestite picture
sexy transvestite picture
"Being ultra-feminine and dressed nicely has always been my passion. Nothing feels better against my smooth skin then some soft women's clothing. I absolutely LOVE high heels and boots! OMG! A nice pair of black go-go boots is always a turn-on for me. Look at my picture, wouldn't you like to have me on my back, legs raised in the air as you pull my black silk panties aside and put your big hard cock straight up my tight asshole? I'd LOVE IT! I'd moan like a teen queen on prom night if a nice guy fucked me like that!.."
"Look at that ass! You know how many REAL girls would kill to have an ass as firm and shapely as mine? I love to wear girl's clothes that show off my ass and legs. I was at a transvestite ball once and met a black basketball star (who I can't name) and we hooked up afterwards. He said the first thing he saw when I was dancing was my ass gyrating in these tight pink pants. I shouldn't tell you this, but he was HUGE! His cock was like ten inches long and thick! He fucked me like a stallion from behind. I was in heaven! Hearing him say "That's right baby girl, give me that sweet white ass" as he thrust his giant black cock into me again and again was AWESOME!.."
sexy transvestite picture
sexy transvestite picture
"I often like to dress up as a little schoolgirl complete with training bra, plaid skirt, knee sox and black heels. Sitting on some hot guy's lap playing "Lolita" for a hung stud is such a blast! Feeling his cock get hard and bulge against my ass. Turning him on with my smooth body, playing with his hard cock and giving him the best blow job EVER! And when he bends me over and fucks my tight ass good and hard - YESSSS! Yep, take it from me, a sexy transvestite will make you forget all about those other girls in your life.."
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Want to see me doing totally UNCENSORED hardcore?"
sexy transvestite picture

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